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ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon BG License 010428/ 2005
Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon IBCS
Honorary Professor, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
Program Director, International University Program in Cosmetic Surgery
National Consultant in Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine, Ministry of Health, Bulgaria, 2006 - 2008

DMSci, International College of Cosmetic Surgery
Honorary Professor of the South East Asia College of Cosmetic Surgery
President 1998/9, 2002/3 Chairman of the Board of the Balkan Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
Director of the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery
Honorary Fellow of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery
Honor Member of the South American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
Honorary Member of the Colombian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
Honour Member of the French Society of Aesthetic Surgery
Managing Editor of the "International Journal of Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery"
Membre de L'Union Internationale Des Societes De Lipoplastie U.I.S.L.

"Venera" - for considerable contribution to the national development of cosmetic surgery 2005
The ICCS Lifetime Achievement Award
100 Best Cosmetic Surgeons of the Millenium
"Autstanding contribution award" in field of Cosmetic Surgery as "ACE COSMETIC SURGEON" and his name and picture shell be honored in the "HALL OF FAME" of INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF COSMETIC SURGERY
"Excellency and devote in Aesthetic Surgery"

"The Best Aesthetic Doctors in Europe"
"La Excellencia"


The Contemporary Who's Who 2003
Member Research Board of Advisors


      The aim of modern aesthetic (cosmetic, beauty) surgery is to create aesthetic forms and proportions for the face, body and limbs with the purpose of beautification. In the Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery rejuvenation means the same - beautification by giving the right proportions and angles typical for young people. Recently this surgery was renovated, based on the experience of many specialties, increased technology and computer devices. All this made it possible for the serious surgical interventions to be replaced by more simple procedures.
      Dr. Serdev is the innovator of the scarless "Serdev Suture" lifting methods used in any part of the face and body to correct early ptosis and flabbiness of the tissue. In the face: Temporal, Supra-temporal, Medial, and Lower SMAS lift; Brow lift; Chin enhancement without implants; Nose tip and alar refinement; Ear corrections etc; In the body areas: Buttock lift; Breast lift; Inner thigh lift etc. These non scaring elastic suture methods fully replaced the old excision face liftings and body part dermolipectomies with pulling the skin in only one direction.
      The ultrasonic liposculpture replaced the traumatic liposuction when decreasing volume and size. Its advantages are no blood loss, no waves, the scars are not bigger than dots (pinpricks), the skin tightens and there is an entire weight loss.
      The modern methods of increasing volume and size of soft tissues, eliminates the necessity of difficult operations for building up different areas of the body.
      Specific treatments of each zone of the face and neck, by different methods of chemical peeling, vacuum peeling and dermabrasion, non-operative treatment of wrinkles, cellulite, pigmentations, scars, acne, stretch marks, teleangiectasiae, excessive hairs, skin tumors etc. are available.
      The photoepilation now is cheeper and more convenient in comparison to traditional methods.       There is no contour or part of the body, face, neck or limbs that cannot be sculptured to correspond to classical proportions and aesthetic standards.

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