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From Colleagues

Dear Dr Serdev,

I am having a lot of patients regarding your techniques. I have done 17 buttock lift, 12 noses and six faces cases in two months. I did my wife 5 days ago. All my patients are happy with the results.

Please tell me how can I do to see the videos by internet.

Thanks for your advices.

Dr. Jaime Lebed, Ecuador


I'm Dr. Jose A Acevedo, from P.R.

You have a big reputation. I was looking in the internet, yours patients, i want to know if your are scheduling another live surgery "Congress", because i am interested. I'm practicing Aesthetic Medicine in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Nikolay,

best greetings, I have done several surgeries using your techniques, but many women have asked me about buttocks suspension. I cannot find the suture here, is there any way I can purchase it and have it sent to Mexico?, Also I would like to know how much does it cost the instrument you designed for the suture?

Send my best regards to everyone,
Your friend Antonio Perez, Mexico

Dear Dr Serdev,

I have received your email letter .Thank you very much for your kind help.
Your program in cosmetic surgery from this email is very excellent , it opens for me very many chances to develop my knowledge and to practice in this specialty.
May be in the near future , I will continue to attend the examination for the board certified - cosmetic surgeon and to become as a member of IACS.
Many thanks to you

I am hearing from the next live workshop program on Sept 2003
Do you have any opinion about about me ? Please let me know.
Do you sell video tapes or CD pertaining to Cosmetic surgery or your method in cosmetic surgery?
I am looking for your answering.
Thank you.

Respectfully yours,
Dr Dung.

Dear Nik,

I was out of my country working in Mexico and I am picking my emails. Sorry for my delay answer.
Congratulations for the success of the Course and the results obtained with your technique.
Gustavo and me had excellent results in cases of buttock, eyebrows and jaw lifts with your technique.
The evolution of the patients is very good also.
We are very grateful for sharing your experience with us
Congratulations for the Live surgery to be downloaded, it is a great contribution, as always.
Gustavo and I send our best memories and wishes, hoping to see you soon.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Julio Ferreira, Argentina

Dear Professor NIKOLAY SERDEV,

I have just executed the first operation of lift eyebrows with your method (Serdev suture). The work was more difficult than I calculated. Also, it was very difficult for me to equilibrate 2 eyebrows. I will hammer away utilizing your method for my job in future and I hope that the follow-up cases will be performed more easily.

Thank you very much.
Your learner
Dr Huynh Van Tuan

Dear Professor Nikolay Serdev!

I have just received your reply. Please help me! Should you tell me what you dissected from the patient's right marginal incision in the movie of "columella sliding for tip projection tip refinement using intercartilagenous suture, in the website www.ijacbs.com?

Regretely for losing your time again. I am sorry!
I hope to receive your instruction soon.

Thank you very much. Your learner
Dr Huynh Van Tuan.

My compliments for the live surgery services my dear friend.You are the best.

Dr Bacci, Italy

Dear Nikolay Serdev, MD PhD

Thank you very much.
I would like to have a schoolarship at you and I would like to know how it could be organized.

Best regards,
Taran Anatol, Russia

Hello Doctor Serdev.

Did you remember me? I wrote you 3 months ago.
I am interested to do a course about your minimal invasive technics in cosmetic surgery. Buttom lift especialy.
Please tell me if is possible and how.

Thanks and best regards
Alfonso Carvajal. From Colombia

Dear Dr. Serdev,

It's more than a month since i have done the course in your clinic, and already with some cases of the bottock lift, the brow lift and the mentonian lifting that we already incorporate as a routine in almost every face lifthing.
Are you planning to come to Brasil??
Can we use some of your pictures( with your name) in local journals??

Thank you
Haim Erel

Congratulation excellent result



I am a student residing in India(Mumbai).I have completed the coures of B.H.M.S.(Bachelor Of homoeopathic Medical Sciences).I wanted to be a part of your instituition, and wanted to know whether my degree is valid for the course? If not, kindly let me know what are my requirements for the course. Waiting for your reply

Thanking you,
Ami Zaveri


Please send us some information on your buttock procedures to Dr. Kotelko and Dr. Castellano at this email address.

Lorenzo Denver, USA

Dear Dr. Serdev,

I'm Plastic surgery doctor from Barcelona (Spain)
I red in International journal of cosmetic medicine yours revolutionary technique of "BUTTOCK LIFT BY SERDEV SUTURES".
I would like to know where is posible to buy this instruments like firing-pin and special suture for make this operation. Because, in Spain I don't know where I can to buy.
I am interested to buy the following items:
FIRING-PIN (Aguja larga, recta y elastica)
SUTURE (fibras quirurgicas elasticas bulgaras de seda de poliamida antimicrobiana)
I will be very greatifull if you can send to me catalog.

Thank you very much, yours sincerely,
Josep Guix

Dear Doctor:

I am a doctor from Peru (South America), I was at Jornadas Mediterraneas-Barcelona Spain, last april. I am interested to know more about your sistem of "Serdev Suture" for scarless buttock lift and ultrasonic lipoesculpture of the buttocks. Please could you send information about this procedure, instrumentation and technique? I am going to be grateful to you for your atention.
Thank you for your answer to my anterior request.
I have some questions about. Please, what number of suture do you use? 0,2/0 or another? How is the post operatory evolucion, the laxitude of tissue is complete resolved? How many sutures do you use in every buttock?
Thank you for your atention.

Sincerely,Gloria Arroyo, M.D.
Clinica Renacer. Lima - PERU

Muy estimado Dr. Serdev,

Como quiero realizar la cirugia descrita por usted de aumento de gluteos, deseo saber, si es tan amable por su parte, donde puedo conseguir, aqui en Espana, las suturas utilizadas del tipo Policaproamida antimicrobiana Polycon.
Reciba mi agradecimiento de antemano, sintiendome encantado de tener tan buenos y brillantes colegas como usted.

Un cordial saludo.
Clinica Berrire

Dear Mr. Serdev,

I am a practicing doctor from Kazakhstan. I plan to by SpaTouch. I will appreciate your replay on my questions about SpaTouch. Do you have permanent results?

Best regards,
Dr. Shtracher

Dear Dr. Serdev,

after my surgery I feel like Brad Pitt, everyone at the hospital found I had lost weight because I lost my fatty cheeks, thank you, merci.

Thanks for the videos

Dear Dr. Serdev,

I'm a Spanish (from Valencia) plastic surgeon since 1980, I have met you in several times in Spain and I had the pleasure to learn you in Barcelona and Sitges. I very interesting in different of yours top techniques and I would like to have articles, videos, books or something to learn the next techniques:

Buttock lift by Serdev suture
Eye beautification uisng extraorbital methods using Temporal SMAS lift
Supratemporal SMAS face lifting (no scars)
Temporal SMAS face lifting (1cm incision over the ear and lifting of the muscle-aponeurotic system)
Lower SMAS Lift of the face (No visible scars)
Total face beautification
Brow Lift - Serdev Suture
Chin augmentation by Serdev suture
Columella sliding (Tip projection)
External genitalia beautification

With all admirations, Thank you and send my best regards:

Rafael Grau Tudela
Clinica Dr. Grau

Dear Dr. Serdev,

I would like to take the moment to thank you for your hospitality and had the chance to visit Sofia and meet you and your wonderful staff for the TOTAL BEAUTIFICATION COURSE. It was a real pleasure to find someone who is so sharing and kind and skillful as well as an innovative cosmetic surgeon. I had the opportunity to see several of your techniques as well to have seen so many happy patients .
The experience was unique, it has fullfiled my interests in this field. I hope to see you again very soon. Thanks again, your friend.

With all admirations, Thank you and send my best regards:

Dr. Antonio David Perez Elizondo.
Mexico City.

Caserta, September 1 st 2002.

Dear professor Nicolaj Serdev,

your revolutionary technique of "Buttock lift by Serdev sutures", it is famous in Italy. I introduce me: I am an Italian plastic surgeon that would be honorable if I could come to Sofia, to see and to learn your revolutionary technique.

Insofar I ask you if I can be guest near your clinic to be able to learn your technique.
I could also come in one of the next three weeks of the month of Settebre, if you held it opportune.
I cordially greet you, I hope with sincere enthusiasm that you will welcome this application of mine,

Dr. Ciro Accardo

Dear Doctor Serdev The web site is excellent.
I will also direct our secretary to forward announcements of the new organization that has been formed, The International Academy of Cosmetic Maxillofacial Surgery.

Robert H. Burke, M.D.,D.D.S.,M.S., F.A.C.S.
chairman, board of directors.

"Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery in Sofia" Program

Dear Nicolaj,

"I want still thank you for your hospitality and your courtesy. We have spend a week pleasant and rich of novelty to learn. Besides, I could have verify that, beyond the your operational ability, you are endowed with a big ability of teaching: a true teacher."

Thank you still.
Maurizio Ceccarelli

"Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery in Sofia" Program

03. 06. 2001

"It has been a real pleasure to visit my friend Nikolay Serdev in Sofia and to observe his work during two days. His surgery is up to date and he has "golden hands". I am extremely happy as I got many tricks and important details on techniques. I will use them as soon as I am in Paris as I saw also the results obtained. Two days with Nikolay are equivalent to a week elsewhere. I have only good souvenirs in Sofia. With all my admirations

Pierre Fournier, M.D., Paris"

"Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery in Sofia" Program

Dear Sirs,

This year i was to plan a trip to Sofia to visit my wife's relatives, and as an old visitor in 1980, i was afraid to be bored for a whole week. With this instinct, while searching the web, i met Dr. Serdev's Aesthetic Surgery Weeks in Sofia and planned my visit so to coincide with the program. My aim was to learn Sofia well and spent some time with a colleague, but things did not go like i thought. From the first time i entered his clinic a wave of frank hospitality aroused from him and her lovely and professional staff. After i entered the operating room and begin to watch him i told to myself ''Cancel your plans to see Sofia and spend your whole time here''. Dr.Serdev was doing things that are really interesting for me: ultrasonic liposuction-which was popularised and then left by many in my country-was like playing a viola in his hands, temporal SMAS lift-his technique-although at the first glance i considered as not much effective - i performed with a little modification after i returned to my country and witnessed that it really works and so easy! After 3 whole days i was very happy and satisfied with the course and with the pleasure of meeting a distinguished personality and surgeon in my neighbour country.


"Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery in Sofia" Program

03. 06. 2001

It was very nice to visit Sofia.
I had a wonderful time with Dr. Serdev and his associates. Especially it was luck for me to participate in live s urgery (SMAS op., leg elongation, rhinoplasty …).
Dr. Serdev is very understanding and considerate man. He is different. His surgical technique is amazing and wonderful. I hope to see Dr. Serdev in a near future.

Thank you so much Dr. Serdev

Dr. Seung Ho CHOI, MD
Seoul, Korea

Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery in Sofia" Program -

It was not only a pleasure to stay together with a very good friend in Sofia, but particularly an important moment of evolution of my Aesthetic Surgery as a gift for my patients, particularly for the "beautiful" ladies with "unaesthetic buttocks".

Prof. Pier Antonio Bacci, Italy

Dear Dr. Serdev,

It was a pleasure to meet you in Sydney and to be enriched with your innovative surgical techniques. I am departing Melbourne on 7.12.01 for Istanbul and then to South Africa.During our short conversation you mentioned I was welcome to visit your clinic and observe your surgical procedures. I am enthusiastically awaiting this opportunity which would, if permissable, be late in March 2002.Kindly inform me when it would be suitable to come to fit in with your busy schedule. I eagerly await your reply.

With kindest regards

Yours Sincerely
Abdul Omarjee, MD

Dear Mr. Serdev,

first of all I would like to thank you for your marvellous Demonstration of your operations in Vienna. I would like to learn more about your techniques. Could I get the opportunity to assist you for a week or two in order to improve my knowledge? I would be glad. Do you intend to repeat in 2002 the Aesthetic Surgery Weeks in Sofia? I would like to participate.

With kind regards,
G. Copony

Dear Dr Serdev

I would like to know more about your surgical technique for chin augmentation using a simple suture because this is a simple procedure with great cosmetic results. I have seen the video and your slide presentation, but I didn't find specific details about it. I wonder if it is possible for you to send me a copy by email or fax or normal mail. I would appreciate it. I have a great interest in that issue.



Dear Dr. Serdev,

Is there anyone in the U.S. doing/teaching your lift? I am VERY interested in learning the procedure.

J. Caruso, M.D.

Dear Dr.Serdev

Skin punctures and 1 suture of the soft tissue to obtain chin augmentation, only the mini lifting for preceding upper SMAS.

Thank you.

Dra.Carmen Ballestero

South American Academy
of Cosmetic Surgery

President : Julio A. Ferreira, M.D.

Dear Nikolay:

      I want to tell you it was very nice to see you in Buenos Aires.
      I would like to thank you very much for your participation and your excellent presentation in the 3rd. International Congress in Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery held in my country.

      I am very grateful to you for coming and share your knowledge with us and with many friends and colleagues from all over the World. Thank you for your participation and all your efforts on behalf the Meeting, we owe you and all the Faculty Speakers the success of the Congress.

Also I hope you had enjoyed the social activities during your stay.

I wish you the best, hoping to see you soon.

Your friend,

Prof. Dr. Julio Ferreira

   International Centre for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine


Dear Professor Nikolay Serdev

The Scientific Commitee of the AE.PHY.MED. CENTRE has accepted Your scientific contribution to the 3rd Adjournment Day that will take place in Rome on 1-2-3 february 2002.

You have been included, as President, in the session AESTHETIC SURGERY of Sunday, 3 february 2002.
Your report “CHIN FORM CORRECTION AND AUGMENTATION USING SIMPLE SUTURE” has been included in the session AESTHETIC SURGERY of Sunday, 3 february 2002 at 9:00 am.

About your stay in Rome, at the GRAND HOTEL RITZ, you will be a welcome guest of the Organizer Company. Please communicate them the period of your stay in Rome, what kind of room you prefer, the time and the day you will arrive in order to organize the transfer.

    Best regards.

            The Scientific Commitee Manager

Dear Dr. Serdev

Congratulation for an excellent and holistic website, it cover all of the interesting aspects.

Best regard,

S Kunachak,MD

Dear Sir/Madam,

Is it possible to announce a scientific conference on your web site? This is for the 5th Annual Congress and Live Workshop of the Eureopean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in London in June 2002. Please see pdf attachment Our members regularly present papers at the meetings of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. E.g. Patrick Frechet, Jerszy Kolasinski, Loek Habbema, etc

Much appreciated

Dr Bessam Farjo

Today I had some minutes to have a look on your web site. ALL MY CONGRATULATIONS, It's very pretty, convivial and complete.


Andre Hazan M.D. Paris (France)

From Pations

Hi Nikolay,

I have waited all summer, impatiently to have your skilled hands and great art help me improve my life and the time is almost here. I am so very excited and nervous at the same time. I have all arrangements made and I will be in your office on the 23rd at 12:00hr. Thank you so very much. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. Is there something I could bring from the USA that you may want?

Your friend


I am living in Ireland and I am 23 yrs old. I want to know the risk in cheek cosmetic surgery and also expences of that surgery. I want to personaly visit to you so could you please send me your clinic or hospital address so I can reach your clinic. Please give me also details how many surgeries you can do and please tell me the risk that has this type of surgery.


Hello, I'm am a patient and would like to know what DR's in my country(United States) that perform the temporal and lower smas lift. I live in PA. but I can travel within a 500-600 mile range.

Thank you,


Dr Serdev

In regard to your behind the ear incision technique: I did however see a surgeon in England on Saturday to help with my basic understanding and expectations of various procedures offered to be able to communicate with you on a more professional basis. For reference after the consultation the surgeon thought that I would benefit from a Temporal minimal incision SMAS lift, Cheekbone/cheek augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty (upper), Chin augmentation or Liposculpture (under the chin/jaw). The above combination may not be what you or we decide. You're the surgeon, and like I mentioned before you seem so much more advanced in your work than England and the various web sites I have visited. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and would appreciate a reply to this e-mail as I have now made and paid all the necessary reservations and deposits for my visit.

Thank you

K. P.

To: nserdev@infocom.bg
Subject: Face-lifts

Thank you very much for your reply to my e-mail. My friend and I are very interested in your work and wonder if you have a representative in the UK who could help with packages including accommodation etc. and who could give us more direct information? We have several interested friends who would also like more information.

Thank you

C. E. and L. M.

Dr. Serdev,

I am a 48-year-old male with a very low hyoid bone. I have lost my submental angle and basically have lost all contour to my neck. I was a high level American football player and have always had a very strong appearing neck but now my sternocleidomastoid muscle is not even visible. I weigh 80 kg and am 178 centimeters tall, about eight years ago, I weighed 86 kg and developed a "double chin". After I lost the weight I was still left with the fullness below my mandible. A doctor has suggested liposuction, a platysmaplasty through a submental incision and a cervical suture through a small incision behind each ear the using Gore-Tex to pull the entire platysma up creating a more acute submental angle. I would love to have you perform the surgery, but unfortunately I cannot go to Bulgaria. Do you ever come to the United States to perform surgery here? If not, to you know of any surgeons who have learned your technique and practice here in the United States? I greatly appreciate your response to my questions regarding a necklift. I am an orthopedic surgeon and understand how busy you must be, so to receive such a prompt response really seems remarkable to me.


T. H.

Dear Dr. Serdev,

I am a 58-year old male. Over NINE months ago, on June 1, 2001, I had an "open" (coronal) browlift along with an upper and lower blepharoplasty. The horizontal incision of the browlift was made just at my hairline (see attached pre-op picture). I had the open procedure instead of the endoscopic procedure because of my high forehead and degree of brow ptosis. In addition, the "central bellies" of the corrugator muscles were removed as part of this procedure. The entire top half of my head still feels as if a very tight skullcap has been placed on it. It is as tight as a drum. I am also suffering from a lot of pressure, numbness, and "weird" sensations. I think the pressure is coming from the tightness. How long does it take for the tightness and pressure to diminish? the numbness? the weird sensations? It is very debilitating. Is this normal so long after this procedure or has there been major nerve damage? I have lost no facial-muscle function at all. I can frown, grimace, smile, etc. My incisions are healing just fine. I can barely see them anymore but I'm very worried about how I am feeling. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Doug Harrington

Dear Dr. Nikolay Serdev,

thank you for directing me to your site. It is very interesting indeed.
As promised, I am sending you some pictures of myself. My main problem is my profile. I would like my nose to be less prominent. I would be greatful if
you could suggest what I need to have done and the price involved in this procedure.

Thank you very much,

C. P.

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